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Peplink route advertising

When using different brands of router in your network, you need to know how to...

VPN Hot Failover Demo

A demo of the difference between hot failover and cold failover on a BR1 Mini

The pros and cons of split tunneling

Split tunneling refers to the practice of routing only some traffic over the VPN, while...

Using SD-WAN as a Long Distance Ethernet Cable

A real world example of how to use SD-WAN to solve customer issues - in...

Firmware throwback

One of the reasons we love working with Peplink products is the ever growing set...

3G and LTE signal details for cellular modems explained

Both InControl and the router web interface show detailed cellular information in several places.But what...

Peplink firewall option – Intrusion detection

Most of us will be familiar with Peplink's intrusion detection feature, but when is the...

Peplink Tutorial – WAN quality reports

Travis Durick – Peplink’s product manager talks about the WAN Quality reports in InControl.

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