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How does an autonomous ship navigate the ocean?

One of Peplink’ Partners, Slingshot6,  is involved with  IBB/Promare’s project, the Mayflower autonomous ship.Learn more...

TU Delft Hydro Project connected with Peplink

Frontier Computer Corp. B.V. has sponsored the TU Delft Solar Boat Team delivering connectivity for their hydrogen-powered boat.

Recommended 10 Gbps SFP module transceivers

Read this Peplink forum post if you need a 10 Gbps SFP module transceiver for your...

Install a SIM Card in the HD1 Dome

Watch peter West’s latest tutorial on how to install SIM Cards in a Peplink HD1...

The new normal for the event industry

The event industry is one of the industries that is hardest hit by the restrictions...

Use Wireshark like a pro

Wireshark is probably the world’s most popular network protocol analyzer.These tips from networking professionals will...

Peplink firmware for Starlink users

Starlink customers that use a Peplink router as their edge router take note:

Peplink and M2M Connectivity

Read how the partnership between Peplink and M2M Connectivity, a reputable Australian IoT firm, will...

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