Peplink Cellular Routers Fulfill Connectivity Criteria for MSPs

In the realm of selecting vendor solutions, MSPs and end users diverge in their criteria, with MSPs catering to a broader spectrum of network requirements. Key elements such as scalability, ease of management, and cost-effective play pivotal roles, yet not all vendors align seamlessly with MSP preferences. Peplink stands out by offering an array of reliable and affordable hardware and software, effortlessly manageable by MSPs.

The perspective of MSPs and end users vary when it comes to connectivity solutions, especially considering the former’s need to address a multitude of criteria for diverse network requirements. The foundation of MSP-managed reliable networks lies in establishing a suitable infrastructure, utilizing top-tier routers and technologies. Peplink stands out by providing an assortment of affordable, high-performance solutions, empowering MSPs in effective network management.

Performance and reliability are baseline expectations for vendor solutions in the MSP domain. MSPs demand connectivity solutions that ensure network uptime and uninterrupted connections, incorporating WAN sources such as cellular and wired connections, along with failover mechanisms to bolster network reliability. However, MSPs delve deeper into considerations like scalability, vendor support, and cost-effectiveness.

When Less is Truly More

In the pursuit of a comprehensive connectivity solution, MSPs often find themselves integrating products from multiple vendors, necessitating additional management and integration efforts. Seamless integration and simplified management are achieved by opting for network appliances within the same ecosystem. Peplink’s solutions not only offer enhanced features but also ensure compatibility, allowing MSPs to deploy advanced functionalities effortlessly, like cellular routers with bandwidth aggregation capabilities.

Flexibility is a distinguishing factor for great vendors. While a vendor may cover a broad range of networking hardware and software, true excellence lies in the ability to accommodate networks requiring scalability. A versatile router should function both as a standalone device and seamlessly integrate into existing networks, meeting the dynamic needs of MSP-managed environments.

Bang for Your Buck

Cost-effectiveness is as significant concern for MSPs managing multiple networks. While reliable hardware and technologies are paramount, affordable solutions are equally sought after. A cost-effective portfolio enables MSPs to save on expenses, providing room to offer competitive pricing to end users or allocate budgets to flexible offerings.

All Hands on Deck

In the realm of MSP-managed network solutions, vendor support is indispensable. When dealing with cellular routers or software, MSPs rely on vendors for understanding features, capabilities, and best practices. Peplink’s commitment to customer support ensures MSPs receive the necessary guidance through training and well-documented resources.

All Signs Point to Peplink

Peplink emerges as the optimal choice, aligning with MSP’s priorities of scalability, ease of management, and cost-effectiveness. The extensive portfolio of Peplink comprises cellular routers spanning various price points, suitable for networks of any size. Whether at the core of the network or extending connectivity to additional branches, Peplink’s cellular routers offer flexibility reliability.

Within the Peplink ecosystem, access to network-enhancing technologies is facilitated through packaged subscriptions. MSP-friendly license models, featuring fairly-priced subscriptions and multi-year plans for streamlined monitoring, further enhance Peplink’s appeal. Additionally, Peplink provides a suite of management tools, ensuring effortless network management for MSPs.

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