Top Choice for 5G Routers in Security Systems: Peplinks Indoor 5G Solution

Selecting the right 5G router for security systems is now a complex endeavor, driven by elevated expectations for video security and access control technologies. Real-time video footage is seamlessly transmitted to the cloud for improved storage and retrieval, with devices not just connected but intricately interlinked for optimal automation. This necessitates a router with indoor 5G capabilities and robust firmware features capable of handling the demanding bandwidth requirements.

A US-based enterprise specializing in security systems solutions has been relying on Peplink’s LTE routers to ensure their clients have fast and dependable internet access. However, as major ISPs roll out mid-band 5G spectrum like Verizon’s C-Band, the company saw the potential for enhancing their solutions by harnessing indoor 5G. Following consultations with a long-standing Peplink partner, they opted for the BR2 Pro 5G router.

The BR2 Pro 5G router is among Peplink’s devices certified for use on Verizon’s C-Band network. Equipped with two 5G modems, it can simultaneously maintain two active 5G connections. Additionally, the router boasts two WAN ports, enabling the integration of two additional wired Internet sources alongside the dual 5G connections. This makes it an ideal choice for powering security systems, even those incorporating multiple video security and access control devices.

The upgraded security system, in tandem with the Peplink 5G router, was initially deployed in a retail store, delivering a transformative experience previously unattainable.

Achieving What Traditional Security Systems Cannot

The retail establishment had been relying on an outdated digital video recording system inherited from the prior franchisee for security purposes. Retrieval was cumbersome, and any downtime translated into missing crucial footage. Therefore, transitioning to a cloud-based video security system became imperative. Furthermore, the physical keys locking all doors presented security vulnerabilities whenever a key went missing, necessitating the replacement of all associated keys and locks. Consequently, a comprehensive access control system was also required.

Apprehending the retail store’s predicament, the security systems company implemented an integrated solution. All cameras were set to record in high-quality 4K resolution. Real-time video security feeds were streamed and stored in the cloud with automated time-stamping. These cameras were seamlessly integrated with the access control system at the doors, ensuring instant alerts when unauthorized access credentials were used.

However, the existing fixed-line infrastructure of the retail store proved inadequate to support this upgraded system. The extraordinary connectivity delivered by Peplink’s BR2 Pro 5G router made all of these enhancements feasible.

Exclusively Enabled by Peplink’s 5G Routers, Technologies, and Advanced Firmware Features

Thanks to its C-Band certification, the BR2 Pro 5G router was instrumental in activating Verizon’s 5G Business Internet. This allowed the security systems company to effortlessly integrate 5G connections into the store’s existing network infrastructure, harnessing the high speeds and low latency of indoor 5G. But the capabilities of the BR2 Pro 5G router extend beyond this.

Consider the BR2 Pro 5G router as the nerve center of your network. It offers two 5G connections and two wired connections, creating a high level of redundancy to minimize downtime. The patented Hot Failover technology from Peplink ensures uninterrupted data traffic, even in the event of a connection failure.

For data-intensive tasks like streaming, the BR2 Pro 5G router amalgamates multiple connections through Bandwidth Bonding, another proprietary Peplink technology. This capability has been further refined with the release of Firmware 8.3.0, introducing Dynamic Weighted Bonding. This intelligent firmware feature aggregates connections with similar latency levels, optimizing each link’s performance without affecting the better-performing ones.

By amalgamating these advanced technologies and firmware features, the BR2 Pro 5G router delivers an ultra-reliable and high-speed network for security systems, significantly enhancing the performance of all connected video security and access control devices.

Peplink offers additional 5G router options certified for use on Verizon’s C-Banda network. Explore the possibilities for harnessing indoor 5G here.

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