Peplink’s 5G Routers Transforming Smart Warehouses with Indoor 5G

Leveraging 5G routers for indoor 5G connectivity is the cornerstone of creating smart warehouses, playing a pivotal role in the success of the retail industry. This statement holds true as industry leaders employ robotics to enhance warehouse efficiency and meet the ever-growing customer demands. From stationary robotic arms designed for heavy lifting to nimble roomba-like robots responsible for picking and delivering items from shelves, all rely on one critical factor – reliable connectivity.

This is precisely where 5G routers with the capability to extend 5G indoors step in. Many warehouses are situated in regions with limited access to traditional wired connectivity, such as broadband and fiber. In such scenarios, these 5G routers offer retailers an invaluable alternative. Retailers can harness this additional wireless internet source to construct smart warehouses, capitalizing on robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) to boost productivity and propel business expansion.

A US-based Managed Service Provider (MSP) specializing in the retail and logistics sector recognized the significance of this development. They approached a certified Peplink partner to seamlessly integrate Peplink’s 5G routers into their existing solutions, seeking a device that could harmonize with basic warehouse operations while catering to the demands of robots and IoT devices.

The MSP’s requirements were crystal clear – these 5G routers had to offer 5G backup for the primary connection, irrespective of the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Given Peplink’s established track record in numerous robotic projects, the Peplink partner knew precisely which solution to recommend to the MSP.

The chosen 5G router was the BR1 Pro 5G, a highly regarded model in Peplink’s extensive 5G router lineup. Despite its compact form factor, it boasts versatile capabilities, ensuring an exceptional indoor 5G experience while keeping robotic operations uninterrupted in smart warehouses.

Diverse Internet Connectivity Options

The BR1 Pro 5G stands out as a single-cellular router equipped with an embedded 5G modem. While it is well-suited for mobile applications, it isn’t limited to relying solely on cellular connectivity as its Internet source. This 5G router features a WAN port and Wi-Fi as WAN functionality to accommodate various WAN sources.

For stationary robotic arms within smart warehouses, the BR1 Pro 5G can remain fixed in place with a cable connection to its WAN port. This setup seamlessly integrates the existing fixed-line connection as the primary source, complementing the router’s embedded 5G.

In the case of mobile robots navigating smart warehouses, conventional cables are impractical. However, the BR1 Pro 5G, when housed within the robot, can receive the warehouse’s Wi-Fi signal (usually derived from a fixed line) and incorporate it as one of its Internet sources through Wi-Fi as WAN.

Seamless Backup, Not Just Redundancy

The dual WAN sources offered by the BR1 Pro 5G extend beyond redundancy; they ensure seamless failover. While many claim to provide instant backup with their 5G routers, there often exists a gap before the secondary connection takes over the traffic – an unacceptable scenario for robotics or IoT applications. With Peplink’s 5G routers, you can harness the patented Hot Failover technology, experiencing genuinely seamless backup without even noticing when the primary link falters.

Private 5G Networks

The capabilities of the BR1 Pro 5G don’t stop at indoor 5G; it is also certified for use with private 5G networks. This opens the door to all the advantages of private 5G, including heightened control over network access and enhanced data security. These attributes are particularly crucial in smart warehouses where numerous robots transmit data incessantly.

The MSP took the initial step by ordering 1,000 BR1 Pro 5G routers to fine-tune their solutions for retail and logistics clients, with a particular focus on indoor 5G and smart warehousing. Peplink’s 5G routers haven’t just improved their services; they’ve supercharged them, paving the way for a brighter future.

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