How to Peplink: Introducing Peplink MAX BR1 Series

The MAX BR1 series routers all have one single cellular modem with multiple options apart from that like Wi-Fi WAN or a Gigabit Ethernet WAN port. With their sturdy design they can be used in multiple scenarios. Use these as your primary or backup routers, providing seamless VPN failover, GPS tracking and more network features.


The widely used BR1 mini is engineered with the highest quality build in mind. Sleek outside, yet ruggedized inside, this device has been built to withstand whatever deployment scenario thrown at it. This model features Gigabit Ethernet Ports, 300 Mbps of throughput, robust Molex power connector, 5th generation Wi-Fi, GPS Tracking, and of course cellular connectors. For large projects where you have different locations or vehicles, the BR1 Mini offers a great solution which is cost-effective & easily remotely managed via InControl2.


If you’re looking for a BR1 device that can offer PoE output, we do have the BR1 Enterprise which offers 300 Mbps throughput and PoE output via the LAN-ports. This model compared to the rest of the BR1 family, doesn’t feature a Wi-Fi module. Which can be important for security reasons. A great feature on the BR1 ENT is that the PoE output enables you, for example, to simply power an access point or IP-camera through the LAN interface.


If more performance is needed based on the BR1 concept, the BR1 Pro 5G is the new generation BR1. Built on new platform achieving 800% faster speeds than the original BR1 Classic! With a router throughput of 1 Gbps the classic goes sonic. There is a 5G modem with 4 cellular connectors and 6th generation Wi-Fi. If you are looking for a single cellular 5G router do not look further! With the ability to prioritize between fixed, 5G and Wi-Fi connection you will have a reliable connection. With the Ruggedized enclosure this device meets the standards of a wide array of deployments.


All BR1 models can be used for different applications depending on the specifications needed. The BR1 models are ideal for the transportation sector (vessels, cars, busses, campers) where there’s a need for a reliable connection and needs to be remotely manageable. Other than that, the BR1 range can be used for static locations or product integrations where you are in need for a 4G/5G backup connection in case the fixed connection doesn’t work properly. Think about for example digital signage and ATM’s.

Do you need a cost-effective solution? Go for the BR1 Mini HW3.

Is a Wi-Fi module not allowed due to security reasons and/or are you looking for a PoE enabled BR1 model? Go for the BR1 Enterprise. Do you want to be futureproof and have 5G integrated + Wi-Fi 6 in your product? The BR1 PRO 5G is the best choice.

We hope you’ll understand these unique products better. Should you need more information about these products please click the button below.

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