Updating Cellular Module Firmware

To upgrade the firmware on the cellular module you will need to navigate to the support CGI page. This can be done by making a change to the address in the address bar. If you are accessing your device via IC2 from the Remote Web Admin feature, you’ll see something like this: .ic.peplink.com/ra/remote/<SERIAL_NUMBER>/cgi-bin/MANGA/index.cgi

Step 1: Open a web browser and visit for MAX routers: and for Balance routers:
Step 2: Log in to the web admin using your login credentials. The default credentials are username “admin” password “admin” however the password may have been changed as the first time you login to the device it requires you to set a new password.
Step 3: Changing the URL.
Step 3.1: Locally on the device: /
(For MAX routers: and for Balance routers: would be the standard IP)
Step 3.2: Via InControl 2:
Step 4: You’ll need to find the Cellular Module Firmware Update.
Support > Support Information
Step 4.1: Click on Check for Update.
Step 4.2: Click Update or click Update all when you have a multiple Cellular router. See the screenshot below.
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