How to add devices in InControl 2

This option adds new devices into the group instance using the Peplink device’s serial number, tags can be added now however it may be necessary to add tags at a later stage as the network is planned.

Step 1: Navigate to the InControl 2 login page at
Step 2: Enter your login credentials and click on Sign in to continue. Welcome to InControl 2. Look picture below:
Step 3: To add new devices, click Settings > Add Devices.
Step 4: On the Add Devices Into Groups page, choose a group from the Select Group drop-down menu.
Step 5: Enter one or more serial numbers.
Step 6: Click the Next button.

InControl 2 will check to make sure each device is valid for use with the software, and is not already in use. The results will display in a table.

Step 7: If the device is valid, the table will show the device name, address and location. Click the Add Devices button to add it to the specified group.
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