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Follow Steve @ Seabits to learn all about voltage stabilisation and power conversion for your Peplink equipment.

The Ninja’s View

If you have used routers (or other electric equipment) powered by batteries or solar power you know how imported it is to solve any issues with fluctuating power.
Although battery manufacturers often claim the output on a battery is stable, in reality this is not always the case.
Providing a stable power current to your onboard equipment can prevent issues, such as unexpected reboots.
Many kudos to Steve Mitchell from Seabits for sharing the experience he gained by using Peplink equipment for many years.

Erik de Bie
Erik de Bie joined Slingshot6 in 2020 after working for Peplink as a Technical Consultant. Over the years he has supported network engineers working for big global brands as well as every shape and size and type of managed service provider, reseller and end user.

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