Home-office connectivity predictions for 2021

Gartner said it expects 48% of employees will work from home, even after the pandemic, compared with 30% pre-pandemic.
Read Networkworld’s article on home-office predictions for 2021.

The Ninja’s View

Home -office connectivity has had an upgrade for many people worldwide since the pandemic.

Many employees rely on their internet connectivity to be able to be productive using a secure and stable internet connection.
Not only security, but also the quality of the internet connection at home is more important than it is ever been.
Not everyone has a fast and stable internet connection that supports multiple videocalls while the kids are playing on their game consoles.

Routers supplied by the major internet providers often do not have the capability to support the needs for modern day home workers.

As Michael Cooney mentions in the article on Networkworld’s website, we are seeing organisations solidifying their plans for remote working, including adding more sophisticated hardware and software for work from home, with primary drivers including security and productivity.

What does Peplink have to offer to home-office connectivity?

Peplink’s Cloud Based SD-WAN Network Management, InControl 2 offers centralised policy management and zero-touch provisioning and can send automatic alerts to automatically detect and define devices when they come online.

Peplink has delivered SD-WAN routers for over 10 years, bonding cellular, satellite and broadband connections like no other router.
Using the patented Speedfusion VPN the best possible connection is guaranteed, while QoS can prioritise streaming video for uninterrupted videoconferencing.

While SpeedFusion take some technical knowledge to set up, and tweak, it is one of the easiest VPN’s to set up.
And can be used to configure site-to-site VPN’s or connect home offices to the Cloud.

Client VPN’s are also supported, whether using PPTP, L2TP with IPsec, or OpenVPN.
Split-tunnel VPN connections allow for traffic to breakout locally while only traffic to the cloud or the office is encrypted and bonded.

With all these, and more, features Peplink is expected to become an even bigger player in the SD-WAN market in 20121.

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