SIM Card Reports – multiple alerts for the same SIM

SIM Card alerts have been included in InControl for a while now, but did you know that you can setup multiple alerts for the same SIM. This allows for “abnormal” bandwidth usage to be spotted early.

For instance, if you had a 500Gb SIM with a refresh date of the 1st of each month, with the SIM Card alerting, you would receive an email once 250Gb of data is used (if 50% is ticked) – but what if that first alert comes through just 5 days into the month! Well, you can create multiple alerts for the same SIM.

You could have 5 SIM Card reports configured for this 500Gb SIM
100Gb Report, with alerts at 50Gb (50%), 75Gb (75%) and 95Gb (95%)
200Gb Report, with alerts at 100Gb (50%), 150Gb (75%) and 190Gb (95%)
300Gb Report, with alerts at 195Gb (65%), 225Gb (75%) and 285Gb (95%)
400Gb Report, with alerts at 300Gb (75%), 340Gb (85%) and 380Gb (95%)
500Gb Report, with alerts at 400Gb (80%), 425Gb (85%) and 475Gb (95%)

With this configuration, it is almost a weekly alerting system for the SIM, of course this could be divided into 2 or 3 SIM Reports instead. Using multiple SIM Card Reports for the same SIM should help to identify high or abnormal data usage before it becomes a problem.

To configure a SIM Card Report, identify the IMSI number, which can be found by expanding the cellular details of the device.

From the Group Page, select Reports -> SIM Cards Reports (This option is only available if you have at least one device with a working SIM in the Group). Click the button to create a “New SIM Pool”

Additional SIM Pools can be created for the same IMSI (SIM), to provide more granular monitoring of the SIM data being used and help to spot potential overages before they occur.

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