Peplink introduces “Ad Delivery Service”

At Slingshot6 we have been working with our friends at NRG Wireless to deliver free public WiFi in Ghana, using Peplink’s Ad Delivery Service. 

This product allows partners to monetise public WiFi by selling advertising space.  Adverts are played to users of the free WiFi based on their age, gender, location, etc.  Companies buy advertising space and are provided with statistical information about the number of times their advert has been played and how many people followed the link to their offer or website.

The Ad Delivery Service is an extension to the Captive Portal, allowing our partners to create surveys, videos and banners (static images) to advertise products and services.  The Ad Delivery Service is compatible with the majority of the Peplink / Pepwave range of products, which have a valid subscription to the ADS.

Users agree to the Terms & Conditions, in the same way as a standard Captive Portal, but this time, the user is presented with adverts – the number of adverts to play is definable within the portal.

NRG Wireless required that the users should see adverts every 30 minutes, this is achieved by setting the Captive Portal to a time-based session of 30 minutes, but allowing the users to log back in again automatically.  Providing the user has selected “Auto-connect” on their device when they signed in, the user doesn’t notice their session ending – they are presented with another series of adverts and then can continue browsing. This setting is customisable, allowing the partner to determine the session time.

The partner can set advert “Quotas” allowing them to sell “Ad” packages, with the system playing the adverts a number of times, with the counter decreasing by one, each time that video is played to a user. The quota can also set the time of day and day of the week that the advert should be played – enabling partners to offer flexibility with the packages available. The Ad Delivery Service provides reporting to show the number of adverts that have been presented to the end users.

There is also a comprehensive range of reports to accompany the Ad Delivery Service

The Ninja’s View

The Ad Delivery Service has come a long way since it was first introduced at the Peplink Partner Summit, Hong Kong in November 2017. This is an excellent way to install Peplink devices in public places for Public WiFi, whilst promoting local businesses. For more information please contact your local Peplink partner or your Peplink account manager.

Steve Taylor
joined Slingshot6 in January 2020 after working for Peplink as a Technical Consultant. I've worked with Peplink Partners from all over the World and I have experience with supporting large-scale deployments in a range of verticals.

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