First look at Firmware 8.1.1 Beta 1

Peplink firmware 8.1.1 beta has been released.
We had a look at the release notes to see what has been added and improved.

Release Notes highlights:

  • Added support for firewall filtering and Outbound Policies by DSCP
  • Added support for Wi-Fi “Air Monitoring Mode”.
  • Added the ability to define Upload & Download Bandwidth values on Cellular WAN.
  • Added new API to configure WAN Settings All Models
  • Added support for OpenVPN as WAN. (license activated)

For a look at all the added and improved features download the release notes.

Added support for firewall filtering and Outbound Policies by DSCP

There have been several requests to add support for application based routing based on DSCP values. Peplink has added this in firmware 8.1.1 beta 1.

You can now create Firewall Rules and Outbound Policies based on DSCP values.
This is good news for network administrators who (for example) would like to use use Group Policies in Windows to mark certain applications with a specific DSCP value, which in turn allows them to steer the traffic using a specific WAN or SpeedFusion VPN.

Added support for Wi-Fi “Air Monitoring Mode”. The report can be viewed under InControl 2

Wi-Fi Air Monitoring can now be enabled on any devices with an access point.
This feature turns the Access Point in a Wi-Fi monitoring device.

This is useful when using external access points or to monitor Wi-Fi in a location for a short period of time, to help configure your access point for best possible performance.
For example by using the least busy channels.

The AirMonitor report shows the Wi-Fi utilization, channel utilization, packet distribution, and signal strength for each Wi-Fi device

Added new API to configure WAN Settings

Functionality for the router API is continuously being developed and improved.
Firmware 8.1.1 adds the ability to configure the WAN settings

Added support for OpenVPN as WAN

After support for OpenVPN server mode was added in firmware 8.0, OpenVPN client mode is now been added too.

As an example, this feature could be really useful for remote workers that need to connect their home network to the office and prefer to have a VPN connection from their Peplink to the office router, rather than installing a OpenVPN client on their pc.

You do need to pay a fee for this feature license, as explained here.

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