Initial impressions of Starlink

SpaceX has started its “better than nothing” public beta testing for its satellite-based Internet Business Starlink in parts of the northern U.S and southern Canada.

Although we still have to wait until we can start testing in the UK, we have been following the developments and wanted to share what people have to say about Elon Musk’s latest venture.

This new service is a game-changer for people relying on cellular connectivity in rural areas.
With pricing set at $500 for an antenna purchase and a $99/month subscription rate with no data cap we wonder if cellular internet providers will adjust the prices for cellular internet connectivity in the US.

Adventures with Kramer is one of the first You Tube Channels that has uploaded an unboxing video and several other video’s about Starlink.

The Best Confirmed Speeds are certainly impressive!

Finally we need to thank Mars guy for sharing a chat about Starlink on Reddit.

Erik de Bie
Erik de Bie joined Slingshot6 in 2020 after working for Peplink as a Technical Consultant. Over the years he has supported network engineers working for big global brands as well as every shape and size and type of managed service provider, reseller and end user.

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