Speedfusion configuration

Most people in the Peplink community have come across Steve Taylor.
His first video about Peplink,which is featured on the Peplink website, was recorded in 2013 when he was working as the IT manager for a social enterprise in the South West of England.
He has been working with Peplink products ever since.

Steve worked for Peplink for several years and he currently works for the world’s first connectivity agency Slingshot6.
A true Peplink Ninja!

Steve recently recorded a video explaining how to configure Speedfusion.
If you want to get to know Speedfusion, grab yourself a coffee (or tea if you prefer), sit down and
watch this video.

You can skip to a chapter in the video by following the links below:

2:30 Configure Speedfusion VPN

10:00 Speedfusion features

10:32 Forward Error Correction (FEC)

12:00 WAN Smoothing

13:00 Latency difference Cutoff

14:45 Latency Cutoff

15:50 Wan connection mapping

16:05 Suspension time after packet loss

18:00 Speedfusion hot-failover 20:30 PepVPN route isolation

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