AP One Firmware 3.7.3 Beta 1 has been released!

AP One Firmware 3.7.3 Beta 1 is available and can be downloaded via a link on the Peplink forum.

The Ninja’s View

A few exiting features have been added to this new firmware version.

First, there is support for Wi-Fi mesh.
If an AP One has Mesh configured and doesn’t have any ethernet link to reach an internet gateway, it will search for other APs with internet access) in the same Mesh group.
The AP One will then connect to one of those candidate AP’s and piggy-back of its internet connection.

There is also an added ability to change from “Access Point Mode” to “Wi-Fi Air Monitoring mode” which will give your device the ability to analyze Wi-Fi signals. In fact it combines your AP and the Airprobe , another Peplink product. Visit this Peplink webpage to learn more about the Airpobe.
Or download the beta firmware here.

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