Using PepVPN for Atem Mini Pro Remote Control Broadcast

Kasper Skårhøj from SKAARHOJ in Denmark shows how remote PTZ control and broadcast is possible over the internet using PepVPN from Peplink and the Rack Fusion Live. This is the first of a two-part video series using PepVPN, PTZ Cameras from Avonic and Minrray and a NETIO Power Cable. This is guaranteed inspiration for your remote production setup.

The Ninja’s View

COVID19 has forced the hand of producers and film makers to deliver remote broadcast solutions to enable the creation of content in lockdown conditions. The Atem Mini Pro from Blackmagic is a very capable live streaming solution, and when combined with SKAARHOJ controller and Peplink SDWAN technologies, becomes part of a very capable fully remote broadcast solution too.

We have a tutorial showing how to enable Layer 2 VPN here too that you might like to look at:

Martin Langmaid
Martin Langmaid is a SDWAN solution architect and Peplink product specialist, trainer and Technical author. Formerly employed by Peplink as a global solution architect, he left to co-found slingshot6 the worlds first connectivity agency. He enjoys multi-disciplined engineering activities in his spare time, and can be found with a soldering iron. welder, hammer, saw and chisel in hand most weekends. Something of a wood butcher.

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