Peplink’s Ad Delivery Service Review

Recently, the Peplink developers have been busy polishing the Ad Delivery Service and we’ve been reviewing the product. 

Ad Delivery Service: Ready to Make Free Wi-Fi Work for You?

“People today expect free Wi-Fi in public venues.  But what are the benefits for businesses? Free Wi-Fi helps you increase traffic and build loyalty. Better yet, it’s a great opportunity to earn revenue and learn more about your users. The secret is Peplink’s Ad Delivery Service”.

How does this work?

Using InControl2, add devices to the appropriate Group and create a Captive Portal.  A new option has been added to the InControl2 Captive Portal with release 2.8.4 – this allows you to reset the quota (time / data) after zero minutes of a finished session. 

With this option, users can then log back in to the WiFi again – Adverts  are played each time a user logs on, with this feature, you can set a time limit of 30 minutes, the user is disconnected after 30 minutes and then re-connects – so they’ll see new Advert(s).

Note the “Guests required to sign-in” options relate to the Captive Portal, not the Ad Delivery Service – so this should be “once only”.  If configured to use “every day or after quota reset” then the user will need to sign-in to the Captive Portal after every session (30 minutes, for example).

Peplink devices “Subscribe” to the Ad Delivery Service which is linked to an InControl Organisation.  When an Organisation has devices that are able to use the Ad Delivery Service Subscription, a new “Ad Delivery Service” item will appear in the group menu.  This option launches a new window to setup the ADS, which is used to configure the adverts.

Different Types of Adverts

The Ad Delivery Service has 3 main types of adverts that can be played to users:-

  • Surveys
  • Videos
  • Banners

Surveys  have pre-set questions, like Name, date of birth, email address, gender, occupation, etc but partners can also create their own questions, with a variety of question types to choose from (yes / no), Tick all that apply, multiple-choice, drop-down, open-ended, etc – so these surveys really can be customised as required.

Videos are a series of short (up to 30 seconds) adverts played when a device connects, you can customise the number of videos to be played.

Banners are usually fixed images and a series of images relating to the same advert can be displayed in several places  within the browser – perhaps a bakery would show 3-4 images of their products.

Users are redirected to the advertiser’s website for more information about the product or company, when they tap or click on the displayed videos and / or banner.

 Surveys, Videos and Banners are directed to specific Peplink devices and can also be triggered to play only when the Peplink device enters a specified Geo-location area – ensuring that the adverts are only displayed to customers in the right location.  These can also be displayed on certain days of the week or times of the day – completely customisable.

Quotas are created in line with the advertising package being offered – for instance, you may offer a block of 1,000 adverts to be played during weekday mornings at peak times only:-

As the quota is used and the Adverts are displayed to users of the WiFi, the real-time counter shows how many times the advert has been displayed.

If you want to know more

Check out the Ad Delivery Service page :

or contact your local Peplink Certified Partner

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