Select the correct antenna cable for your marine deployment

In this video Sam and Antony explain how to select the correct antenna cable for your marine deployment.

The Ninja’s View

Antenna cables should always be kept as short as possible to keep signal loss to a minimum.
Antony shares a useful online tool to calculate Coaxial Cable Attenuation & Power Handling.
Or, in everyday language, a way to calculate how much signal loss you can expect with the type and length of your coaxial cable you are using.
The online Tool can be found on the Times Microwave Systems website.

Erik de Bie
Erik de Bie joined Slingshot6 in 2020 after working for Peplink as a Technical Consultant. Over the years he has supported network engineers working for big global brands as well as every shape and size and type of managed service provider, reseller and end user.

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