Firmware throwback

One of the reasons we love working with Peplink products is the ever growing set of firmware features that are added on a regular basis.

While firmware 8.1.0 is in beta we look back at this introduction video of firmware 5 back in 2011.
Firmware version 5.0 was the first version of firmware with the current web interface.
This is before Speedfusion , which was introduced in firmware 5.4!
This  just shows how many features have been added in less than 10 years’ time.

The Ninja’s View

Input from enthusiastic Peplink users is one of the drives in the development of the product range and features.
New features can be requested in the “New Feature Request” category on the Peplink forum.
If requested features get enough support from the Peplink community and is viable, it is only a matter of time until the Peplink team will add this feature to its already impressive list of features.

Peplink Ninja
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