Introducing the HD2 Dome with SIM Injector

The HD2 Dome is a fantastic new product from Peplink, with various mounting options it is a great product for vehicle installations, or land-based installations, where running long coaxial cables for external antenna isn’t an option. The HD2 dome is IP67 rated and powered via PoE – so a single CAT5 / CAT 6 cable is all that is required. In particular, this is an ideal product for the maritime installations, allowing the router to be mounted high on the mast and with the SIM Injector install on the bridge, swapping SIMS becomes easy.

The HD2 Dome Datasheet can be found > Here <

Check out this video which explains how to configure the HD2 Dome with a SIM Injector:-

This video explains how to use the Dome as a cellular router with local SIMS inserted (stand-alone) and then explores how to use the Remote SIMS inserted in the SIM Injector. Towards the end of the video the various mounting options are explained.

The Ninja’s View

This technology is an excellent way to ensure the router is as close as possible to the antenna, whilst providing easy access to the SIMS – especially useful in the Maritime Sector, as mentioned by Sam Norris in the mPCE webinars : New Peplink Certification

Steve Taylor
joined Slingshot6 in January 2020 after working for Peplink as a Technical Consultant. I've worked with Peplink Partners from all over the World and I have experience with supporting large-scale deployments in a range of verticals.

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