The Peplink Certified Engineer (Maritime) course is in full swing!

You have probably noticed the Maritime Peplink Certified Engineer (mPCE) course is well underway at the moment.

Its hard to miss with all the great snippets of content Peplink are releasing on their social media channels.
With 2 webinars behind us, Peplink have been sharing the first training webinars and snippets on the Peplink forum and social media sites.
Here is a brief overview of the content that has been made available so far.

Full training webinar – Session 1

Full training webinar – Session 2

The FAQ and answers have been shared on the Peplink forum:

FAQ Session 1
FAQ Session 2

The Ninja’s View

It has been interesting to follow the webinars, there is always something new to learn.
For example; a question about grounding equipment on boats lead to a conversation on the forum with lots of useful links. How-else would I have learned about sacrificial anodes?

The webinars also included few sneak pics of new models that will be released this year and a Best Practice guide for Maritime Applications .
I am looking forward to the next session!

Peplink Ninja
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