Firmware 8.1.0 Beta 1 First look

The latest Peplink beta firmware just dropped on the forum. Here is my first impressions after looking at the release notes.

Release Notes highlights

  • Drop in mode now supported across all models. 
  • Devices with inbuilt GPS can now be used as a time server
  • Improved DPI and outbound policy capabilities around web filter types. 
  • Netflow has been added.
  • Speedfusion can now use an external TCP accelerator 
  • Individual bandwidth limits on a speedfusion vpn is now possible

New Speedfusion Detail Graphs

Look at these beauties! So much more detail is now available to assist with SpeedFusion trouble shooting and monitoring – b-e-a-utiful!


Managed to get Netflow working on my Balance One at home

I’ll update this post as I dig deeper into 8.1.0 but it looks like a great evolution.

Martin Langmaid
Martin Langmaid is a SDWAN solution architect and Peplink product specialist, trainer and Technical author. Formerly employed by Peplink as a global solution architect, he left to co-found slingshot6 the worlds first connectivity agency. He enjoys multi-disciplined engineering activities in his spare time, and can be found with a soldering iron. welder, hammer, saw and chisel in hand most weekends. Something of a wood butcher.

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