What does the speedfusion connection status mean?

What do the a Speedfusion tunnel is enabled between devices, there are different status before the tunnel is established, but what do they mean?

Below is a description of the different stages that will be visible in the Peplink router web interface.

StartingThe Speedfusion profile is either waiting for a remote peer to connect, or trying to connect to the remote peer.
AuthenticatingBoth the local and remote peer are able to communicate, but there is an an authentication error.
Check your pre-shared key setting and check the Peer ID (serial number) settings.
Creating tunnelThis is after authentication is successful, but it is probably still going through more handshaking to finish all the necessary steps to create the needed tunnel(s) and waiting for at least one tunnel to connect. If you are stuck at this state, that means no tunnels are connected (L3 speedfusion) or there is something wrong with bridging the VPN interface (for Layer 2 Speedfusion). Try configuring a different port for the Speedfusion profile to use. Make sure both the handshake and data port s are not blocked by a firewall or internet provider.
Updating routes(Layer 3 only) Once one or more connections in the Speedfusion profile have successfully completed the health check, we can proceed to exchange routes, this is the OSPF step (if required). If the profile stuck at this state, you most likely need to first check for route conflicts between peers ( including WAN IPs). There is likely a route-conflict (overlapping subnets)
EstablishedThe Speedfusion profile is connected and ready to exchange data.

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