5 InControl features you may not know about

With functionality being added frequently by the Peplink InControl2 developers, it is hard to keep track of all the features that have been implemented in InControl2 over the years.

We love working with InControl to manage and monitor our SD-WAN networks. Did you know about these InControl features?

1: Configuration Backups and Diagnostic Reports

You can easily download configuration reports and backup configuration files to help you investigate and resolve any issues.

You can download the files from the device details page.
Click on “Show All” and scroll down until you see the links to download your files.

2: Auto roll back device configuration

When a device cannot reach InControl for 10 minutes, after receiving a configuration from InControl, it will automatically roll-back to the previous configuration.
This can be very helpful to avoid a few site visits!

This option can be found in the Organization or Group InControl options

3: GPS Location Collection

By default, InControl collects 30 location points every minute.
If data usage is an issue or if the device does not move location frequently, you can either choose to collect less data points or disable the collection of data points altogether.
This feature can be found at Group level under the “InControl options”.

4: Access Control Lists

Introduced in InControl version 2.8.3; you can create Access Control Lists (ACL) which can be applied to your “Firewall”, “SSID > MAC Filter”, and “Captive Portal and External Captive Portal” profile.
This can be quite a timesaving feature!

You can find this feature” in the group-level “Network Settings” menu and it is available to groups that contain Balance, MAX, and AP One models.

5: news

Are you curious to know what features have been added to InControl recently?
InControl system messages like release notes can be found by clicking on the “bell” icon in the top right corner of the InControl dashboard.

After clicking the icon a scroll-able window pops up with the latest information about InControl.

InControl is loaded with features, stay tuned for the next article about InControl!

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