Converting a Fusionhub Disk Image

Recently, one of our clients asked for a FusionHub image in QCOW2 format.
Fusionhub is the virtual SpeedFusion appliance from Peplink.
This is how we converted the image.

The Fusionhub image available in different formats from their website, but the Qcow2 image file format is not one of the available options.

A utility called qemu-img can be used for image conversion between multiple formats.
Qemu-img is a disk image utility for Windows and QEMU is packaged by most Linux distributions.
I chose to download and install qemu-img since I am using a Windows OS.

The “Fusionhub base package for new installations” can be downloaded from the Peplink website.

The Fusionhub is available in OVF, VHD and VMDK.
The 2-text files contain info and links to download the image in RAW format and Google Compute Engine format.

The RAW Fusionhub image was downloaded from the provided link in the text file and saved to a recognisable location on my pc.
needed to download and install the QEMU disk image utility, which is capable of converting diskimages to several formats.
I launched PowerShell and changed the directory to be able to run the convert command from the same directory which contains the file and typed the following command:

.\qemu-img.exe convert -p -f raw -O qcow2 fusionhub-8.0.1.raw fusionhub.qcow2

“fusionhub-8.0.1.raw”  and “fusionhub.qcow2” are the input and output filenames I used; make sure the filenames match your own filenames.

qemu-img convert -p -f raw -O qcow2 [input filename] [output filename] 


Erik de Bie
Erik de Bie joined Slingshot6 in 2020 after working for Peplink as a Technical Consultant. Over the years he has supported network engineers working for big global brands as well as every shape and size and type of managed service provider, reseller and end user.

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