Peplink Tutorial – Sim Card Reporting

Travis Durick – Peplink’s product manager, walk us through some of the great sim reporting capabilities of InControl2.

The Ninja’s View

SIM card reporting is immensely useful when managing SIMs from multiple operators. When using data pools (multiple SIMs from the same provider with a shared data allowance) the SIM pool reports are the only easy way to know how much data you have used.

What is less obvious perhaps is that when using multiple SIMs in the same modem on either a single or multi-modem device, SIM reporting can show you which SIMs have been used per modem – why is that useful? Well imagine a fleet of buses driving around a city with two or more operator SIMS in. You will very quickly learn which provider has the best coverage along the routes (and so which you want to negotiate a better deal with).

Martin Langmaid
Martin Langmaid is a SDWAN solution architect and Peplink product specialist, trainer and Technical author. Formerly employed by Peplink as a global solution architect, he left to co-found slingshot6 the worlds first connectivity agency. He enjoys multi-disciplined engineering activities in his spare time, and can be found with a soldering iron. welder, hammer, saw and chisel in hand most weekends. Something of a wood butcher.

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