Trogon is at BAPCO with Slingshot6 launching the new ESN certified MBX Routers from Peplink.

Brand new CAT12 and CAT18 HD4 MBX ESN certified routers from Peplink presented at #BAPCO2020

Ian O’Bryan, MD of the @TROGON GROUP LTD says “The new ESN certified HD4 MBX from Peplink – in combination with their cellular bonding technologies, provides UK network operators with the first highly available and resilient SDWAN connectivity option for the Emergency Services Network. We believe that SDWAN has a critical role to play in the ESN as 5G and 4G network coverage evolves across the UK, and we are looking forward to demonstrating how best to take advantage of it as a strategic and operational enabler for all front line service users.”

The Ninjas View

If you are running emergency services equipment and need connectivity you should pop along to the Trogon stand (H16) to meet Ian O’bryan and Andy Harris as they know a thing or two about how to make reliable connectivity work anywhere.

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